EPA Oral Presentation Prize

The European Prosthodontic Association awards this Prize annually to the best Oral Presentation, selected from the entries, at the Congress. The regulations governing the prize are as follows:

The Prize

This Prize will be awarded for a communication in English, on a subject relevant to Prosthodontics, delivered at the EPA Congress. The length of the communication should not normally exceed 15 minutes. Communications given under more than one name may be considered on the understanding that the work is substantially that of the main author who is presenting the paper. Written confirmation that this is so will be required from the other authors and the award will be given to the main author only.


Candidates should submit an abstract (preferably in IADR style) to the President via the EPA congress website and should notify the President of their intention to apply for the Prize. This will allow the President to schedule their presentation at a convenient time in the congress program. Intention to enter MUST be sent before the closing date for abstracts as notified in the congress website or in the congress literature mailing.

Candidates will be required to submit three typescripts (manuscript format) and three sets of illustrations to the Honorary Secretary of the European Prosthodontic Association no later than 12:00 on the morning of the first day of the EPA Congress at which the paper is to be presented. The text should be in English, of not more than 3,000 words, suitable for publication and should not differ in content from the communication to be presented at the EPA Congress. The work must be printed or typewritten on A4 paper, single side, double line spacing, with at least two centimetre margins. (Please note that prints or photocopies of PowerPoint slides are NOT acceptable).

The Award

The award will be given by the Association on the recommendation of a panel of assessors appointed for this purpose and such additional assessors as the panel may wish to consult.

The Assessors

The assessors appointed to nominate the prize winner will take into account the originality and scientific value of the text, as well as the standard and clarity of the oral communication.

The Association

The Association reserves the right to withhold the award if it is considered that the presentations are not of sufficient merit.

If this award is sponsored by an external company / organization, the sponsor will have the right to specify the nature and value of the prize. The EPA Trustees will also have the right to supplement the prize with a sum of money (up to a total value of 300 Euros) if they think it is warranted. If no external sponsor is forthcoming, the Prize will be in the form of a sum of money (not exceeding 500 Euros). A prize certificate will also be given to the prize winner.

All typescripts and illustrations become the property of the Association, which reserves the right to publish entries, wholly or in part, in the Association's Proceedings. The prize winner(s) are encouraged to submit their winning research for publication in the European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry (or any other Prosthodontic journal) stating that their research gained the honour of the EPA Oral Presentation Prize.

An individual may not win the award on more than one occasion.

Non-members must be sponsored in writing by a member of the EPA, preferably the Head of Department of the unit where the research was carried out.

Any entry that fails to comply with the above Regulations will be disqualified.


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