Program Kongresu to 2 równoległe sesje każdego dnia, warsztaty oraz wybitni światowi i krajowi wykładowcy. 

Wszystkie wykłady będą tłumaczone symultanicznie na język polski.

♦ Relationship between temporomadibular joint and occlusion, Prof. Takumi Ogawa

♦ Associations between bruxism and occlusion: a personal perspective, Prof. Frank Lobbezoo »

♦ Bruxism as a muscle behavior: relationship with prosthodontics, Prof. Daniele Manfredini »

♦ Occlusion and TMD: insights in the invisible, Prof. Marc Schmitter »

♦ Re-enameling concept a biologic approach (BOPT) for crown restorations, back to the future with the feather-edge preparation, and cubic zirconia, Dr Marco Nicastro »

♦ Mechanical and Virtual Articulators in the New Era: The Role of Facial Scanners and Jaw Tracking Systems, Prof. Guillermo Pradies »

♦ Occlusal errors in treatment planning with ceramic veneers, Dr Maciej Żarow »

♦ Can occlusion disorders be seen in radiological examinations? Prof. Ingrid Różyło-Kalinowska »

♦ May botox application affect occlusion? Dr Matteo Val »

♦ Occlusion analysis in dental treatment – when, what and how? Prof. Jan Pietruski »

♦ Occlusion and Function in Oral Rehabilitations– new possibilities in the era of digital dentistry, Prof. Albert Mehl »

♦ Outcome Driven Occlusal Rehabilitation: Going from Z to A, Prof. Phophi Kamposiora »

♦ Occlusal Schemes for Complete Dentures, Prof. Argirios Pissiotis »

♦ How to choose materials for occlusal reconstruction, Prof. Daniele Rondoni »

♦ Occlusal changes in relation to the age, Prof. Norbert Enkling »

♦ Occlusion and Cognitive Functions, Prof. Hana Hubalkova »

♦ Staged extraction approach: Transition from hopeless dentition to full-arch fixed-implant-supported rehabilitation, Prof. Eitan Mijiritsky »

♦ Designing the full mounth implant rehabilitation - from FP1 tp FP3, Dr Stavros Pelekanos »

♦ The role of bruxism in the occlusion reconstruction, Dr hab. Aleksandra Nitecka-Buchta

♦ Occlusion Guided Immediate Implant Based Rehabilitation of Severely Compromized Maxilla with Simultaneous LeFort 1 and Zygomatic Implants, Prof. Andrzej Wojtowicz »

♦ 3D printing in occlusal reconstruction, Prof. Waleed El Shahavy